All Cities Are Sanctuary Cities

The topic of sanctuary cities comes up every once in a while. It should come up a lot more often.

We need sanctuary cities. That is because we need relief from federal regulations and laws. We also need relief from state regulations and laws. There are vastly too many regulations on the books. There are so many laws and regulations that there is no way to keep track of all of them. Every year, the Federal Register publishes over 80,000 pages of fine print, three-column regulations. There is no way that these regulations are part of a coherent plan. There is no coherent plan, which is one of the central facts of all modern administrative law.


The modern state is messianic. It operates on the assumption that government legislators and executive bureaucracies of enforcement have the power of God. The whole system of modern planning assumes that state planners are omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent. They are none of these things. Therefore, every system of modern centralized government is a fraud. If the central planners could actually implement their plans, the chaos this would create would paralyze productivity, and the vast majority of humanity would starve to death. Whenever we see massive central planning, such as in North Korea, we see massive impoverishment, when we do not see actual starvation. There are many stories of starvation in North Korea. I think they are true.

We get some sense of just how messianic the modern state is when we look at the Federal Register. The publication is a monstrosity. It is unreadable. It is incoherent. If you get trapped by one of these administrative agencies, you are either going to have to spend a fortune on hiring lawyers to defend yourself, or else you’re going to…

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