Alex Jones Confronts Marco Rubio About Social Media Censorship

Rubio claims “I just don’t know who you are”

Paul Joseph Watson
September 5, 2018

Alex Jones confronted Senator Marco Rubio during a break in the Senate hearings on social media accountability, with Rubio asserting that he didn’t even know who Jones was while claiming he had no knowledge of Big Tech censoring conservatives.

At one point in the exchange, Jones patted Rubio on the shoulder, prompting Rubio to complain about Jones touching him.

“Big Tech companies are purging conservatives, they’re shadow banning people en masse,” Jones told Rubio.

“That’s weird, man,” Rubio responded, before adding, “I just don’t know who you are.”

Other reporters then attempted to tell Rubio who Alex Jones was and the Senator rolled his eyes.

Jones then said Rubio threatened to personally take physical care of him.

Shortly after, Jones confronted Senator Wyden in the same hallway.

“You guys have dehumanized me….stop violating my First Amendment in those hearings,” Jones told Wyden.

Wyden quickly left the scene.

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