A Tale of Two Cities

Photo Source Laurent Bourrelly | CC BY 2.0

Here follows a tale of two cities — not, as in Dickens’ novel, Paris and London, but Paris and Madison, Wisconsin.

Besides the obvious differences between he City of Light and a modestly sized Midwestern state capital and college town, there is also this: that while Dickens could justly write of the world he described, the world of the French Revolution, that “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times,” no sane person could say at least half of that about the world today. The best of times it certainly is not – not with Donald Trump on the loose.

There are probably more than a few comparatively clear-headed beneficiaries of the Trump administration’s tax cuts for corporations and the rich and of its efforts “to deconstruct the administrative state,” as Steve Bannon infelicitously calls it, who would agree.

Included among them are fossil fuel and “defense” industry magnates and other high-flying capitalists, along with top military brass and their counterparts in the various institutions of America’s overblown national security state.

To be sure, some well-off Trump supporters are committed free market ideologues, and some are fools who believe their own propaganda. But there is little doubt that many of them maintain a comparatively sound purchase on reality, and therefore support Trump only because they are greedy and because their time horizons are short.

May their wickedness cause them anguish….

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