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In a devastating critique of Robert Mueller’s investigation of Trump’s alleged Russian collusion, Peter Van Buren explains:

“We last looked at what Mueller had publicly — and what he didn’t have — some 10 months ago, and I remained skeptical that the Trump campaign had in any way colluded with Russia. It’s worth another look now, but first let’s give away the ending (spoiler alert!): there is still no real evidence of, well, much of anything significant about Russiagate. One thing that is clear is that the investigation seems to be ending. Mueller’s office has reportedlyeven told various defense lawyers that it is “tying up loose ends.” The moment to wrap things up is politically right as well: the Democrats will soon take control of the House; time to hand this all off to them.”

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Van Buren underlines the obvious when he tells us that Mueller’s expensive, eighteen-month long investigation turned up no evidence of the collusion in question. He also brings up all the embarrassing misadventures of Mueller as a past investigator, such as his botched examination of the anthrax cases. Van Buren might have also mentioned Mueller’s disastrous use of criminal Whitey Bulger as a means of going after the Mafia in Massachusetts; and the inappropriate nature of his taking the job to investigate Trump right after Trump had turned down Mueller’s request to become FBI Director.

Although I fully concede Van Buren’s points, that the investigation has proceeded too long and that…

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