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Justin’s note: Venezuela is in a state of despair.

The country’s economy has collapsed… inflation is through the roof… and food and medicine shortages are rampant.

But there’s hope. I say this because Venezuela has a new president. Well, sort of… You see, Juan Guaidó just elected himself interim president of Venezuela.

And many countries, including the United States, now recognize Guaidó as Venezuela’s active president instead of Nicolás Maduro.

It’s a promising development, and not just for Venezuelans. As you’re about to see, a major crisis investing opportunity could be shaping up there…

Justin: Doug, how do you see the situation in Venezuela shaking out?

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Doug: Well, it’s a bit of a complex question because Maduro is the “legally” elected president of a supposedly democratic country. Now, I say that with the proviso that I don’t believe in democracy as a way of organizing the world. Democracy is really just mob rule in a coat and tie.

Of course Maduro’s election was rigged, which is so very often the case in Latin America, Africa, most of the Third World. And even the United States, for that matter.

Since election fraud is the case almost everywhere, you can’t hold that against the guy. He’s really just working within the system. That’s just the way things are. He’s actually the president, like it or lump it. Venezuela isn’t Switzerland…

Justin: Interesting. And what do you think of Guaidó? Many Western countries have recognized him as the acting president of Venezuela.

Doug: Guaidó is conducting a coup d’état. Or a golpe, as they say here in Latin America. The army and the police…

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