11-year-old gets involved in drug deal after bait-and-switch

An 11-year-old in Louisiana was delighted to purchase a video game from GameStop. However, he also accidentally bought something a little more addictive: Inside the case was a baggie of drugs that police later determined to be meth.

When the minor realized that the powder inside a baggie would probably not work in his game console, he turned it over to his dad who returned it to the Lake Charles GameStop, where it has been purchased Wednesday afternoon.

The baggie was handed over to the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office, where Detective Rebecca Reed confirmed that the substance was methamphetamine, KPLC reported.

How the videogame made it to the shelves with a bag of meth insid is a mystery in itself, GameStop can’t explain. A manager at the GameStop in question told KPLC that videogames shipped from other locations are not checked before being added to the inventory.

GameStop’s Director of Public Relations Joey Mooring explained GameStop’s policy to KPLC, saying that used games sold by customers are checked in-store for quality before being accepted. However, he confirmed that games from other store locations do not require an inspection.

Getting to the bottom of this mystery could be difficult, as Reed told KPLC that GameStop had said there was no way to track the origin of the game.

Hopefully the 11-year-old at least got a refund.

Via RT. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.