10-Yr-Old Boy Raped By 10-Yr-Old Afghan Migrant During School Trip

Chris Menahan
Information Liberation
September 3, 2018

A 10-year-old boy was allegedly pinned down and raped by a 10-year-old Afghan classmate and his two Afghan and Iraqi 11-year-old friends while on a school trip to a castle in Germany shortly before the summer holidays.

From the Austrian daily Österreich as translated by Gates of Vienna:

10-Year-Old Boy Raped by his Classmates During a School Trip

Before the summer holidays started, a class from a Berlin elementary school made a trip to Kröchlendorff Castle with 38 children. The goal was to learn team spirit, but it all turned out very differently.

During their journey to the castle, the ten-year-old victim was threatened by his classmates, who allegedly said “We f*** you today” to him repeatedly. Out of fear the victim remained silent and did not confide his situation to his teachers. On the evening of the same day, his classmates finally turned their brutal threat into a reality.

Two eleven-year-olds held the boy down as another ten-year-old classmate raped him. Two other students watched the abuse, but did not intervene, reports Bild Online.

Three teachers and one assistant were unaware of what had happened. A week and a half later it was revealed by a friend of the victim, who told a social worker at the school about the terrible events. After the incident became known, parents and police were immediately notified. The offenders were then suspended from school.

School suspension for the perpetrators

The main perpetrator, a delinquent aged ten, was already know for his propensity for violence. He is an Afghan, who is said to have lived in Iran, and repeatedly hit his classmates. Following psychological assessment, the chances are slim that the perpetrator will be able return to a normal school setting in the future.

The two eleven-year-old accomplices were also suspended from school. Both of them, an Afghan and a Iraqi, have…

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