Reporter Uses Bilderberg Meeting To Attack Alt Media

RINF Alternative News

Reporter for, Ian O’Doherty, has used this years Bilderberg meeting to presumably further his career by launching a scathing attack on two of the alternative media’s most high profile activists, Alex Jones and David Icke.

Instead of taking the opportunity to educate his readers about the disturbing links that have emerged between media moguls, politicians and corporations as a result of the secretive meeting, which amounts to nothing less than a private lobbying group, the journalist asserted that those who question the annual meeting as “paranoid”.

Demonstrating his ignorance, he writes:

Now, the most obvious prick to the balloon of gleeful paranoia surrounding the annual meeting of global fat cats is the simple question — why would a secret society operate so publicly?

The answer, Mr O’Doherty, is simple:

The Bilderberg group are now firmly in the public eye for one reason – years of relentless hard work by activists – yes like Alex Jones and David Icke, but also hundreds of others who have devoted their lives to uncovering information the mainstream media is too cowardly, or controlled, to report; Mike Rivero, Jeff Rense, Tony Gosling, Ian Crane and Luke Rudkowski to name but a few.

O’Doherty also received backlash in the comments section of his report.

Website visitors criticised his feeble attempt at a hit piece:

Well done Ian…The Bilderberg event is happening now and instead of doing a report on what is being discussed you prefer to talk about silly conspiracies.

Another commented:

 Trotting out this tired old ‘tin-foil hat, conspiracy theorist nutters, move along nothing to see here’ guff is really pathetic. 

An attack like this on the independent media would have flown under the radar and gone largely unnoticed a few years ago but as recent history has shown, it is no longer acceptable to label alternative media journalists and activists as ‘crack-pot conspiracy theorists’ – especially when those “conspiracy theories” turn out to be true.

Without the work of these activists, people such as O’Doherty, as millions of others, might still be in the dark about the Bilderberg group.