Israel to boycott Al-Jazeera

Israel will boycott Al-Jazeera over what it calls the channel’s ‘biased coverage’ of the regime’s military operation in Gaza.

The regime’s foreign ministry has held discussions on the matter and decided to impose an official embargo on the Qatar-based station in the coming days, deputy foreign minister Majali Wahbe told Army Radio on Wednesday.

The ministry claimed that Al-Jazeera, in cooperation with Hamas, is inciting the Palestinian nation with broadcasting what Israel believed was a ‘staged candlelight protest’ that followed the regime’s decision to cut electricity and gas supplies to the Gaza Strip.

“We have discussed this problem and I have decided that we will boycott this channel as its partial coverage is not credible and is damaging to us,” said the deputy foreign minister.

He announced the regime’s plan to launch an Arabic language channel which would reflect Israel’s viewpoints and said the regime’s officials will no longer give interviews to Al-Jazeera.