Iran slams US propaganda campaign

US is launching a new propaganda campaign against Iran by showing the video of incident in Hormuz Strait, Iran’s Defense Minister Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar says, PressTV reported.Americans have always pursued a vicious plan to present Iran as a threat to the regional countries, Mohammad-Najjar said.

“This propaganda campaign is nothing new, especially during the US President Bush’s visit to the Middle East.”

The US’ anti-Iran efforts are doomed to failure since Tehran has always had cordial relations with its neighbors, the minister stressed.

Iranian boats call on the US warships to identify themselves was a routine responsibility taken by them on determining identity of any vessels entering into the waters of the Persian Gulf, he elaborated.

Earlier Wednesday, a member of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC)Navy told Press TV the US video of Sunday’s incident was archive footage and the audio was fake.

The US Navy has released a footage purportedly showing Iranian boats menacing US Navy warships in Strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf.