Human Rights : Nico Ntumba

“  A community is democratic only when the humblest and weakest person can enjoy the highest civil, economic, and social rights that the biggest and most powerful possess …”       

Dear friend / supporter ;

Re: Nico Ntumba Inquiry : Abusive / Oppressive

Executive Orders against Innocent Mistaken for

Spy in 1988 : Secret Military Tribunal

for High Treason  ( News BlackOut )   

For the last 19 years , we are fighting

Against this dreadful situation created

To un-settle our Whole life by security

Services .No is willing to talk about it

openly ( Police , Security Services,

Government Officials, Human Rights

Activists, medias etc): Do Not

Ask, Do Not Tell .

We do need to intensify our campaign for

Full Inquiry by Parliament ( Home Affairs

Select Committee , Intelligence & Security

Committee).Nico Ntumba Inquiry and end to

News BlackOut .

According to some indiscretions in London,

an old legislation 1861 Act for High Treason

( Capital punishment) has been used without

any evidence against an innocent man during

a secret trial in absentia in 1988.

There has been no Parliamentary Inquiry ,no

apology for trying to hang an innocent man

on baseless accusations of High treason

(Espionnage or Redress for the last 19 years

. Instead , a large scale Cover-Up with a

witches Hunt campaign to un-settle our whole

life through daily disturbance ,

Use of No Lethal weapons of Mind Control

( Organised Gang Stalking , Remote thoughts

reading and broadcasting , Voice to Skull ),

Enforced Disappearance of Relatives and

Associates, Diffuse of Disrupt techniques

To spread malicious lies about us : Smears

Campaign , Do Not Ask Do Not Tell to keep

us in dark and denied us full access to

the case ; and ban on medias reporting about

this 19 years counter intelligence case.

Nico Ntumba Inquiry and end to

News BlackOut .

And there have been a conspiracy between

The Security services and mental health

Professionals to frame us from suffering

from mental illness in order to discredit

our campaign for Justice .

They sectioned us under mental health act

To detain us in hospitals which resulted

In further disruption of our whole .

We feel, furthermore, that this is yet

Another example of human Rights violation

as defined under the CSCE 1080-83 Madrid

conference, and as embodied in the Final Act

of Helsinki. We also wish to note that such

activities are also in contravention of

several agreements endorsed by Great Britain,

within the United Nations system, including

in particular the International Bill of

Human Rights, and articles 3, 4, 5, and 12

of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

We urgently press the Home secretary John Reid

and The Premier Minister Tony Blair for

all possible assistance which they can give

to us (Judicial Review ,Parliamentary Inquiry,

Redress and the Protection of our Civil Rights

as Defined by International Bill of Rights ).

Nico Ntumba Inquiry and end to News BlackOut.

They should put an permanent end to this

Persecution and Oppression to make our

Whole life Impossible .