Citizen Journalism is Winning the News War in Syria

Joe Wright

The press release posted below from Index on Censorship correctly highlights the importance of everyday citizens getting involved and reporting on issues that corporate media cannot or will not address.

The central points made are valid, but we always need to be skeptical of organizations that seek to collate information and “vet it for accuracy” – in this case a monitoring program called Syria Tracker. While clearly there is a need to verify sources and separate propaganda from real news, Index on Censorship has received some questionable funding which you can view here – one source is George Soros’ Open Society Foundations.

To give the benefit of the doubt, perhaps IOC is not aware of the blood attached to the money they have received. However, there is in fact a well-documented human rights scam that muddies the waters of all official reporting, even reports that come from seemingly well-intentioned NGOs. Tony Cartalucci’s excellent article “Soros Criminal Conviction Exposes Human Rights Scam” thoroughly addresses this issue.

Nevertheless, as the corporate/government media continues its attempts to outlaw independent journalism, continues to purchase and/or create NGO movements, and begins equating the denouncing of terrorism with terrorism itself (see the story of SyrianGirl here) it is of paramount importance that citizens step up and become the media that they wish to see in the world.

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