US sanctions against Syria ‘scraping the bottom of the barrel’

American efforts to add sanctions against Syria is “counterproductive” and will make achieving a ceasefire in the country impossible, a former US Senate policy adviser and diplomat says.

“Further US sanctions on Syria is rather a silly idea; we’re really talking about scraping the bottom of the barrel,” said James Jatras, who is also a specialist in international relations and legislative politics in Washington.

“We have shown pretty much every sanction we have against Syria and to try to think of something else is counterproductive,” Jatras told Press TV on Thursday.

US President Barack Obama is considering more sanctions against Syria that could target lower-level military officers, following the failure of US and Russian efforts to revive a failed ceasefire in the country.

American officials and diplomats said the new strategy is still being discussed, but initial efforts may focus on passing United Nations sanctions against those…

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