UK troops being trained to fight 'Russia propaganda': Report

British troops are being trained to identify and counter what officials call “Russian propaganda,” a new report says.

The training provided by Lithuanian troops aims to help their British counterparts to fight alleged Russian attempts to influence public opinion, The Times reported on Tuesday.

Officers from the 77th Brigade, a new British Army unit that deals with information warfare, are being trained by the Lithuanian troops from the Baltic state, which the West says is at the front line of Russia’s “soft-power” war in Europe.

“The UK has a great deal to learn from the disinformation campaign which is being waged against Lithuania,” a defense source said.

The head of Lithuanian military’s strategic communications department told the British daily that the country “is overloaded by this [Russian] culture.”

“For our society it can feel like we actually are in Russia,” added Lieutenant-Colonel Juris Zguts.

“For a Russian…

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