UK Activists Begin Mobilizing Against GCHQ Spying

The NSA’s counterpart in the UK, the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), has been exposed for its close cooperation in the global spy network. GCHQ records hundreds of millions of pieces of telephone and Internet communications daily and shares that information with the NSA and its Five Eyes partners. The program is now known as Tempora:

For the 2 billion users of the world wide web, Tempora represents a window on to their everyday lives, sucking up every form of communication from the fibre-optic cables that ring the world. (Source)

The backlash against such violations continues to grow. June 8th saw the International 1984 Action Day, which has become a yearly event for people to demonstrate against the surveillance-industrial complex. Mass GCHQ Protest will appear outside of GCHQ headquarters in Cheltenham, England from August 29th – September 1st. As the group correctly states, “The tyranny must end, 1984 was not an instruction manual.” 

Please view their video and links below for more information about GCHQ and how you can participate in this mobilization or lend your support from abroad. 


Event page with latest resource links and videos:


Via Activist Post