U.S. Initiates Nuclear War against Syria

U.S. Airforce A-10 Warthogs struck Allepo on February 9 when Russian planes were out of the area. Instantly, western propaganda went to work framing Russia, both for wonton aerial bombing of civilians and for destroying two hospitals. There’s nothing new with this.

Blaming a third party to avert responsibility for clearly criminal behavior is not just psychological warfare but standard psychopathic behavior. Framing Russia to provide political cover for U.S. military aggression is standard fare at the Pentagon’s Department of Psychological Warfare, and it’s been going on since its inception way back in 1943.

Worse, the heavily militarized corporate media neglected to warn the world that Warthogs shoot nuclear-tipped bullets that poison the environment for millions of years. Grossly deformed babies are being born across the Middle East in the wake of using these extremely poisonous uranium shells, starting with the Yom Kippur War, then escalating dramatically in Desert Storm. Now, a dozen countries have been poisoned by these U.S. weapons of interminable destruction.

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