Trump slams Clinton’s trade policies, says he should be handed presidency

US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has criticized his Democrat rival Hillary Clinton over the trade policies of her husband, former President Bill Clinton, which led to the outsourcing of thousands of American jobs.

Speaking to supporters on Thursday in Toledo, Ohio, Trump said Clinton would handle trade deals so badly that the country should “just cancel the election” and name him the victor.

Trump said the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) signed in 1994 by Clinton’s husband had led to the outsourcing of thousands of jobs from Ohio to Mexico and China, a practice he vowed to stop if elected president on November 8.

Clinton, who lost the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination to then-US Senator Barack Obama before becoming his secretary of state, spoke favorably of NAFTA as first lady. However, she changed her position on the deal during her first White House bid, calling it a “mistake.”

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