Switzerland: 90% of Invaders “Vanish”

Up to 90 percent of nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees vanish after reporting to asylum centers in Switzerland, it has emerged.

The figures are contained in a report drawn up by the Swiss State Secretariat for Migration (SEM), which was leaked to the Swiss Sonntags Zeitung newspaper.

According to the document, in the St. Gallen Altstätten invader reception area, around 50 percent of “asylum seekers” withdraw their applications after having parasited off the Swiss taxpayers for a few days or weeks, before moving on to find new and better victims in Austria or Germany.

In the Thurgau invader reception area—in north Switzerland—this figure is even higher, and runs at between 80 and 90 percent, the document continued.

In Bern, the de facto capital of Switzerland, about half of the “allocated” invaders never even arrive in the lodging set up for them.

The SEM would not give the Sonntags Zeitung figures for each canton, but acknowledged that in the last three months there had been an “accumulation of such cases,” and around 40 percent of all applications had simply not arrived at their allocated lodgings.

Justice director of Bern Christoph Neuhaus called the numbers of disappearing migrants “highly problematic.”

He said: “We cannot be sure that they really migrate further and register elsewhere as asylum seekers.

“Switzerland is risking an army of illegal aliens which will become evident in the black market, prostitution, and crime.”

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