Politicians as Systems Lords

lenin nightingale 
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Thomas Jefferson said that when the government fears the people there is liberty, and when the people fear the government there is tyranny. Many people in many countries fear their government. Demonstration against the power of corporate-serving governments are everywhere repressed by force, which is hardly reported by the corporate-serving media.

A permanent feature of ruling class suppression of workers’ rights is the use of force. On the afternoon of March 6, 1930, 500,000 people in twenty-five American cities demonstrated for government assistance. The response by New York police was described by a reporter for the New York World: “Women struck in the face with blackjacks, boys beaten by gangs of seven and eight policemen, and an old man backed into a doorway and knocked down time after time … One of (the women) fought savagely howling curses … A detective ran up and while the policemen held her crashed his blackjack into her face three times before a man dragged her away”.

What changes? The Observer reported in 2011, ‘One of Britain’s most prominent human rights lawyers likened “heavy-handed” and politicised treatment of student protesters to the brutal victimisation of the miners during the strikes of the Thatcher era. Michael Mansfield QC said “outrageous” tactics were being employed to quash political protest and peaceful demonstrations in the UK, within politics, the police and the judiciary. Mansfield said the right to protest in Britain was under serious threat and that people who wanted to go on peaceful demonstrations now had to weigh up the risks they faced from heavy policing and draconian sentencing’.

Tony Benn, the veteran UK Labour politician talked of politics prostituted to business, and of the potency of demonstrations to shape history: “… I think the demonstrations … are an indication that young people have lost confidence in the democratic process because they see all the guys at the top as the same. Democrat or Republican, they’re both funded by big business. Vote New Labour or Tory, they’re all funded by big business. They’re nagging us, and they don’t listen to us, and so on. I suppose it’s as significant as the demonstrations in South Africa before the end of apartheid, when the blacks were not represented. And in the end, apartheid collapsed … It’s as important as the demand for women’s right to vote. I mean, when my mum was born in 1897, women didn’t have the vote. They got the vote by demonstrating and chaining themselves to the railings. They were sent to prison, denounced as being violent, went on hunger strikes, were forcibly fed by wardresses, and then they had to change the law. Progress comes from underneath”.

He talked as a man of an older order. His analysis of the pimpish relationship of business to politics is a theme of history. His one of politicians who ‘had to change the law’ in response to people ‘chaining themselves to the railings’ was romantically naive. Suffragettes today would be cut from the railings, dragged into police vans, charged with public disorder, locked up, and vilified by the media. Demonstrators in South Africa, as the recent slaughtering of protesting miners shows, would be met by the bullet; corporations are unconcerned about the skin colour of their government henchmen.

Politicians are System Lords. It is of no importance what the system is. Consider some examples of political systems: Corporatocracy — a group of corporations control the direction of governance. Kleptocracy — government that increases the personal wealth and political power of government officials and the ruling class at the expense of the population. Kakistocracy — government by the least qualified or most unprincipled citizens. I would suggest that the world is essentially in the grip of corporations — paymasters of greedy, unprincipled politicians; parasites who take more and more, whilst giving less and less, and provide little or no outlet for voicing discontent. Such is the powder keg we live in. When Tony Benn talked about mass actions that changed political landscapes, he did so as a commentator of his time, not predicting the extent governments use technology to track opponents and plan violent suppression of their demonstrations.

There are rulers and ruled, and the ruled are divided so as to hate each other, not their rulers. People are divided among many lines, the common political one being that of ‘rightwing’ and ‘leftwing’. However real this dichotomy is to an individual’s perception of self, both sides of this divide are viewed with equal contempt by their rulers. In 2009, the Department of Homeland Security labelled anyone who suscribed to an antigovernment view as an ‘extremist’. If you wanted to live within a local authority which was independent of central power, whether one of Christian fundamentalists or Marxist atheists, you are equally their enemy, equally under their boot. The keptocracy play one group against another by enacting laws which are designed to divide. Their only belief system is greed, and they will protect themselves and their corporatocratic masters as viciously as the Roman praetorian guard (the modern day CIA and their like).

An analysis in Voltairenet.org summed up the international composition of this ruling elite: ‘Ignoring borders, the US ruling class, not being in solidarity with its own people, has common interests with other economic and political leaders of the world. Therefore, although the United States technically imposes its world supremacy, it is not the dominance of the US people but that of a transnational ruling class whose centre of gravity is located in the United States’. The New World Order is a coalition of elites which distracts from its exploitation of people by focusing on its ‘war on terror’.

The most recent State Department report on terrorism is a mess of contradictions, ignoring the former number two of Al Qaeda, Abdelhakim Belhaj, becoming the military governor of Tripoli, and the appointment of Muhammad al-Ajmi Nayif as Minister of Justice and Religious Affairs of Kuwait, despite the fact that the Treasury Department accused him of being a major fundraiser for Al-Qaeda. You are not a terrorist if you can afford to buy weapons of mass destruction, whereas you are a terrorist if you are poor and hold antigovernment views.

Howard Zinn wrote, ‘Nations are not communities and never have been. Any country’s history, presented as a family story, hides bitter conflicts of interest (that are sometimes made public but are mostly repressed) between the conquerors and the conquered, the masters and the slaves, the capitalists and the workers, the dominant and the dominated’. The conquerors are advocates of a form of rule which is mistakingly called democracy, where, in many cases, a majority is subjected to a minority. The conquerors deliberately amplify differences of class, colour, religion, sex, age, politics, employment status, etc. This is the New World Order. Opposition has been fractured, and the conquered are conditioned into being grateful for their servitude and the slice of bread it brings. Their ever-present electronic ears and eyes track everyone, seeking for any sign of non-compliance, of any ability to think critically.

You are divided by their tyranny, and when the spark of true opposition is ignited, the battle is already lost because of this.

You must unite as ‘onewing’.

lenin nightingale 2014