Police State USA: Ferguson Demands Justice Despite Repression, Criminalization

On Sept. 10 the people of Ferguson, MO and others demanding the indictment and arrest of white police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown attempted to block the traffic on Interstate 70.

Police were present in large numbers in an effort to prevent the protest from having the desired impact. Despite the heavy law-enforcement mobilization traffic was still tied up for several hours.

The demonstration illustrated the ongoing discontent of the African American community in this suburb outside of St. Louis which last month witnessed the most significant urban rebellion in several years in the United States.

When the youth in Ferguson rose up in mass demonstrations and unrest, it struck a chord among African Americans and other oppressed communities across the U.S.

With specific reference to the Sept. 10 civil disobedience, it was reported by RT that “The protest started at 3 p.m. Central time, with people gathering at the Hanley Road interchange. Police lined the overpass and stood along the street, then surrounded the demonstrators.” (Sept. 10)

“Police on Hanley seem ready for lots of arrest with Department of Corrections bus,” St. Louis Post-Dispatch staff photographer David Carson wrote on Twitter during the initial stages of the action. Another journalist from the Riverfront Times Danny Wicentowski wrote on twitter that there was a massive reserve force, including over 20 police cars, near the staging area. (Sept. 10)

In an article published by the Blaze on the Sept. 10 demonstration it notes that, “The community appears to be growing impatient as Ferguson officer Darren Wilson waits to find out whether or not he will be indicted by a grand jury in Brown’s death. Some in the community are vowing only a conviction will satisfy protesters. (theblaze.com)

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