Police criticized for poor handling of child abuse investigation

Some analysts blame the British police for deliberately mismanaging child sexual abuse cases after a recent report found that about 38% of their investigations were inadequate.

“In many cases, children are rarely believed when they report to the police. It is clear from the reportthat in some cases there may have been collusion between various organs of state that is police, medical professionals and indeed in many cases people involved in social services”, Joseph Ochieno, a London-based writer and commentator told Press TV.

The Inspectorate of Constabulary report took a sample of 600 inquiries and found that over third children were not looked at to a good enough standard.

Dru Sharpling who headed the inspections said, “We found limited evidence that the police listened to children, and poor attitudes towards vulnerable children persisted in some teams, we also found that investigations were often inadequate, with insufficient action taken to disrupt and apprehend some perpetrators.” The figures were much worse when it came to investigating online abuse where it found that in a national sample of 124 cases more than half were not investigated properly.

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