Man arrested in Jimmy Savile probe

A man in his 60s is arrested in London by detectives as part of Operation Yewtree, which is looking into sexual abuse in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal.

The man was arrested at 6.45am on Monday on suspicion of sexual offences, and was taken to a south London police station.

Police investigating historic sexual abuse allegations under Operation Yewtree have divided those arrested into three categories – “Savile”, referring to the disgraced DJ Jimmy Savile, “Savile and others”, and “others”.

Monday’s arrest is under the category “others”, meaning it is an arrest unconnected to Savile.

Previous arrests

It is the sixth arrest as a part of Yewtree. Other arrests under the “others” category include radio DJ Dave Lee Travis and, most recently, publicist Max Clifford.

Mr Clifford last week protested his innocence, saying: “Anyone who really knew me all those years ago and those who have known me since will have no doubt that I would never act in the way that I have today been accused.”

Other names arrested include comedian Freddie Starr and disgraced former pop star Gary Glitter. There are currently 3 0officers working on Operation Yewtree, and the investigation is understood to have cost £2m.