Jennifer Rubin: Hillary Must Stop Peace With Iran at All Costs!

After anxiously and incessantly angling for a hardcore neoconservative to take
the Republican presidential nomination, the Washington Post’s online blogger
Jennifer Rubin has made the long journey home. Rebuffed by Republican voters
who selected Donald Trump as their candidate, Rubin’s gunpowder breath is now
desperately seeking Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s ear.

Her message? This damned Iran deal is improving US/Iran relations and that
is completely intolerable. “Hillary: Please bomb something over there,” Rubin
screeches, in her
latest installment
of the neocon chronicles.

Why is Rubin so hot and bothered? Well, Secretary of State John Kerry has dared
to encourage some business investment in Iran after the nuclear deal has begun
paying dividends in more stable relations. Doing business is always preferable
to sanctions and blockades because it makes war less likely. Each side has too
much to lose when there are economic interests at stake so each side will act
with more caution. As when a Chinese
incident with a US spy plane
led the damaged US plane to land in China,
yet both sides realized that economic relations were sufficiently important
that the potentially volatile situation needed to be carefully walked back from
the brink of conflict.

War kills economic opportunities for the average people on both sides, but
it also produces unique financial opportunities for the specially connected.
Like the people around Jennifer Rubin.

Rubin is given a little corner of Washington’s “paper of record,” but she is
either so ill-formed when it comes to the basic situation in Syria that one
wonders why she has such a platform when surely there are plenty of better-informed
high school students who could fill the slot…or she is purposely obfuscating
from her little perch in which case the Washington Post is a witting party to
her deception.

For example she writes this:

This week we have also learned that as many as 100,000 Iranian-backed militia
members are fighting in Iraq…

But she does not inform her readers that these Iranian militia members are
in fact fighting ISIS in Iraq. In other words, they are helping us defeat our
sworn enemy. While Washington is pained to admit it, even John Kerry said
not long ago that having so many additional fighters taking on ISIS in Iraq
is “helpful” to America’s efforts to defeat ISIS.

Rubin would clearly prefer an ISIS victory to accepting the assistance of an
Iran that also views the establishment of an anti-Iranian jihadist Caliphate
in its backyard an existential threat.

Again Rubin plays fast and loose with the truth when she writes:

Russia is expanding its alliance with Iran and influence in Syria in unprecedented
ways. Russian planes are now taking off
directly from Iran to bomb Syrian

What she does not tell us…

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