Hillary’s Coven

Infowars recently brought a public attitude to a story originally broken by Wikileaks. Put simply, John Podesta Tony Podesta (John’s brother) and one of Hillary Clinton’s friends, a woman called Marina Abramović, engage in perverse, satanic rituals called ‘Spirit Cooking’.

Before going into the disgusting details, it is important to, first of all, ask some fundamental questions. Would you want a nuclear superpower run by individuals who find occultism entertaining? Would you trust the sound leadership of people fixated by superstition and no, I’m not talking about innocent folkloric superstitions like not conversing in a doorway, or drinking off the edge of a bar if unmarried. I’m talking about Hillary Clinton’s mad attempts to ‘channel the dead’ from inside the White House and the Podesta brothers penchant for going to ‘spirit cooking’ evenings with Maria Abramović. Does this strike one as normal let along dignified?

Leaders, their confidants, and advisors must be of sound mind, cool under pressure, assured in their beliefs and rational in their decision-making processes. If one can agree on these basic tenets of leadership, then I would simply ask if the following scenario describes individuals who meet this criteria?

Marina Abramović is a best described as a talentless ‘artist’ whose exhibitions include creating works with blood, urine, semen and breast milk. The symbolism is overtly satanic and highly crude. Thanks to Wikileaks we know that Abramović isn’t just ‘in it for the money’, she takes her ‘show’ home with her and invites the Podesta brothers along for the ride.


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