Families of UK soldiers killed in Iraq to take Blair to court

Relatives of British soldiers killed during the Iraq war say they will take former Prime Minister Tony Blair to court if a long-awaited report due to be published on Wednesday finds that he acted wrongly over the war.

The inquiry, also referred to as the Chilcot Inquiry after its chairman, Sir John Chilcot, which was established in 2009 to investigate Britain’s role in the Iraq war and its aftermath that saw British forces remain in the Arab country for six years.

The Chilcot Inquiry was named after its chairman, Sir John Chilcot. He has said the report would help the families of the 179 Britons who died in Iraq between 2003 and 2009 to receive some answers.

Sources close to Blair say he will try to defend himself against possible war crime accusations in the Chilcot Inquiry by claiming that he was given wrong intelligence on Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction.

Families of the British soldiers, sailors and airmen who died during the war are…

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