Did Israel attack Mexican Pemex headquaters?

Front Toward Enemy

Now I know the shrills will start on me but there’s only one country that would figure that a false flag attack of the state owned Mexican oil company, Pemex’s headquarters for would result in Mexico selling oil to the US cheap in return for protection.  This is the MOSSAD attempting to source non Middle Eastern oil so it can continue provoking its neighbours without the negative side effects that will get U.S. citizens off side, namely escalating fuel prices and possible fuel shortages.

What evidence do I have leading me to believe that zionist Israelis carried out this false flag terrorist attack?  None.  I simply apply critical thinking to Israel.  The last time the Israelis tried this they targeted the Mexican Congress building and were caught red handed with firearms, grenades, explosives and all the makings of a false flag operation including carrying foreign passports.

Remember the assassination of Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh, 19 January 2010?  The MOSSAD used Australian Passports, as well as other passports from Europe and New Zealand to implicate Australia and other countries in this act of war.

Ask yourself this;  What is stored in the basement of a high rise building that has that explosive force?  Was it diesel fuel used for backup generators?  No, diesel doesn’t explode like that.  Was it a gas build up as the media will soon imply?  No, gas doesn’t release its energy like that and measures are in place to ensure that doesn’t happen.  Was it an electrical fault as is already being suggested, well that just falls outside of the realms of possibility.

No, this was carried out by the cowards that brought us the terrorist bombing of the King David Hotel,  stole hundreds of kilograms of weapon-grade nuclear materials to manufacture its first atomic bombs, attempted to sink the USS Liberty, had foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks and failed to inform the Americans, attempted to blow up the Mexican democratic seat of power and more recently carried out the false flag assassination of Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh.