Denis McShane – Zionist exposed as a crook

Gilad Atzmon |

The list of Zionist swindlers never stops expanding.

The shameless Labour MP and former minister Denis MacShane, who made a political career out of chasing and harassing critics of Israel and Jewish power, resigned from Parliament on 2 November after a parliamentary committee found he had submitted 19 false invoices which were “plainly intended to deceive” the legislature’s expenses authority.

MacShane was one of the leading voices within the rabid Zionist Labour Friend of Israel lobby group. I can only hope that the corrupt Labour MP has enough integrity left to admit that opposition to Israel and Jewish power is anything but racist. It is in fact a morally driven attempt to cleanse our public life of people of his ilk. We want our politicians and political life to be liberated of Zionist power. We want our parties to be free of their MacShanes.

MacShane told the Zionist Jewish Chronicle that he remains “committed to work for progressive values, for Britain playing a full part in Europe, and for combating anti-Semitism”.

It is good to learn that a person who has just been exposed as a crook has the stomach to present himself as an authority on “progressive values” and “anti-Semitsm”.

MacShane should look in the mirror. It is actually him and his conduct as an avidsabbath goy — or Jewish stooge — that make opposition to Israel, its lobbies and Jewish power a moral obligation.

[Redress Information & Analysis Editor Nureddin Sabir adds: Denis McShane is no stranger to dishonesty. In 1977 he was sacked by the BBC after using a false name to call the radio phone-in programme he worked on at the time. During the call, he accused leading Conservative politician Reginald Maudling of being a crook, with the MP threatening to sue as a result. One of McShane’s contemporaries said: “There were no calls coming to the show, so MacShane left the studio, went into the next office, rang in as someone else and, in an ‘uncontrolled moment’, got carried away and slagged Maudling off.”]