Death of black teen sparks protests in UK

Hundreds of protesters have held a rally in Liverpool, England, following the death of a black teenager while he was in the custody of police in Merseyside County.

About 300 protesters marched on Sunday from the city’s main train station to the ‘Liverpool One’ shopping centre, where Mzee Mohammed was detained on Wednesday.

The protest was held as part of the Black Lives Matter movement, which has been rapidly spreading across the US and UK following the killing of two African-American men by US police.

Chants of “Black Lives Matter, Mzee’s Life Mattered” were shouted out as the rally  through the city centre.

Mohammed, 18, was detained at the Liverpool shopping centre following unconfirmed reports that he was carrying a knife and acting in an “aggressive and erratic manner.”

Police he suffered a medical episode while in custody at the scene bit didn’t elaborate on the exact cause of his death.

The teenager’s mother has criticized the police…

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