Clinton campaign blames 3rd-party candidates for defeat

After blaming the FBI and low educated voters for Hillary Clinton’s defeat, the Democratic presidential nominee’s campaign has turned its attention to third-party candidates and their supporters.

Clinton’s supporters rushed to various social networking sites on Wednesday to expresses their fury at people who voted for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and Green Party nominee Jill Stein for ending Clinton’s White House ambitions.

The former secretary of state’s camp believed she would have beaten Republican president-elect Donald Trump with the help of third-party voters, since in some key states, the gap between the two candidates was smaller than the total votes given to Stein and Johnson in total.

Despite winning the popular vote, Clinton lost the race to Trump by electoral votes, 289 to 228.

Johnson and Stein trailed far behind the two top dogs, with the former winning around 3 million votes and the latter taking a little over 1…

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