Cameron sets out plan against ‘extremism’

British Prime Minister David Cameron has outlined a new five-year government strategy to tackle what he termed as extreme ideology.

Cameron said that “the root cause of the threat” Britain faces “is the extremist ideology itself.”

He also said the Western foreign policy in the Middle East was not to blame for what British media described as ‘Islamic extremism.’

“When people say: ‘It’s because of the involvement in the Iraq war that people are attacking the West,’ we should remind them: 9/11 – the biggest loss of life of British citizens in a terrorist attack happened before the Iraq war,” Cameron said.

The British premier noted, “Others might say: it’s because terrorists are driven to their actions by poverty. But that ignores the fact that many of these terrorists have had the full advantages of prosperous families and a Western university education.”

He further warned those Britons who travel to the Middle East to join militant groups such as ISIL that they will only become “cannon fodder” for terrorists.

Cameron also acknowledged past mistakes of handing out funding to “to self-appointed ‘community leaders’ who sometimes used it in a divisive way.”

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