Brexit plan won’t be ready until at least February: Davis

The government of UK Prime Minister Theresa May needs at least until February 2017 to publish its plan to withdraw the country from the European Union (EU), according to Brexit Minister David Davis.

Making the announcement at the House of Commons on Wednesday, Davis said there were “quite a few decisions to be made” about leaving the EU without putting much pressure in business sectors and public affairs.

However, the secretary said London was looking forward to complete the departure and reach a new trade deal with the bloc within 18 months of triggering the Lisbon Treaty’s Article 50

Despite the lack of plan, Davis noted that “everything is negotiable” in the 18 months following the Article 50’s notification in March.

He said the government was not opposed to business groups’ demand about an “implementation phase” to lessen the impacts. However, he said they would only resort to that option if it was really necessary.

“Whatever the…

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