Bilderberg Accused of Creating Pro-EU Front Group

Mick Meaney
RINF Alternative News

A European Flag and the Union Jack hang

An MEP has accused a new group, the Centre for British Influence in Europe, of merely being a front for the Bilderberg group in order to remove public opposition against the EU.

Gerard Batten, a founding member of UKIP, points out that Kenneth Clarke MP and Lord Mandelson, who have both thrown their support behind the launch of the new group, are also members of the Bilderberg group.

He writes:

Interestingly both Mr Clarke and Lord Mandelson are members of the Bilderberg Group.

According to the London Evening Standard on 14th January 2013 both of them attended the Bilderberg annual meeting last June in Chantilly, Virginia. Ken Clarke is no less than a member of the Bilderberg Steering Committee. The Bilderberg Group has met annually since 1954 and brings together the world’s political, business and academic leaders, to discuss we know not what because they refuse to reveal their agenda. These meetings of the powerful go almost unreported in the mass media and have only come to be known to the general public through the internet.

The Standard commented in its article that the “Bilderberg is not known as the shadow world government for nothing”. Why would the most rich and powerful people in the world sacrifice two or three days for their time if it wasn’t imporant?

The Centre for British Influence in Europe was founded by Peter Wilding, ex Sky and Cabinet DN, and is designed to promote British involvement in the European Union.

Gerard Batten has long questioned the motives of the Bilderberg group, and the mainstream media who refuse to report on their meetings.

On the 12th of September 2011, at the European Parliament in Strasbourg in France, he made this speech, calling the non-reporting a conspiracy between the organisers and the media, and accuses the purpose of the group is to create an undemocratic world government.