Generating Ideas for Your Blog

by Scott Spjut

Whether you’ve been blogging for years or are just getting started, it can be difficult to come up with ideas and topics for your website. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Encourage Users to Submit Questions Either have a place on your homepage or sidebar asking for questions, or make a specific post encouraging questions. Hopefully their question will make a good blog post or at least inspire another topic idea.
  • Use Google Alerts If you haven’t used Google Alerts before, it’s a way to automatically be alerted anytime new content is posted on the Internet for the predefined keywords you’re interested in. This will help you know what other people are currently talking and blogging about, allowing you to add your voice.
  • Use Google Keywords Another of Google’s many tools is Google keywords, which will provide you with additional related keywords you may not be able to come up with on your own.
  • Interview Experts/Customers Again, this tactic helps you two-fold. First of all, you can use the text from the Interview as its own blog post, but you can also use the interview as an opportunity to generate other post topics.
  • Guest Blogging Whether it’s friends, family, customers, or others in the industry, having other people guest post for your blog will not only give your website an additional voice, but will keep you from getting too burned out.
  • “Best Of” Your Blog Read some of your old blog posts – specifically the ones that got a lot of traffic – and rehash/give an update on them. (Don’t repost the content as that won’t really help your search results.)
  • Do Book/Website Reviews Spend some times going through others’ work and giving your opinion on it. State what’s good, what’s bad, and what could be improved.
  • Start With a Favorite Quote Whether it be an author, historical figure, or other person you admire, begin a post with a quote and then add your own personal commentary.

    Use these ideas as a jumping off point and you’ll have no problem generating quality, insightful blog posts for your website.

  • Scott Spjut is a writer and editor who has been featured in various magazines, newspapers and websites – including Newsweek, the Washington Post, CBS News and the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Scott currently works with Professional Marketing International helping people change their lives.