The Western Media Is A Lie Factory – Paul Craig Roberts

The Western Media Is A Lie Factory

Someone is lying to us. Is it the New York Times and the Guardian, or is it Julie Hyland?

Julie Hyland describes the neo-nazi forces that Washington’s Ukrainian coup either by intention or incompetence has installed in the violent seizure of power. Washington describes this unelected government, whose words and deeds have caused Crimea to declare its independence from the coup government in Kiev and have caused widespread protests against the coup government in Russian speaking eastern Ukraine,
as a “democracy.” If so, it is the first unelected democracy.

The New York Times and the UK Guardian, indeed, practically the entire Western media, have taken the position that there is no fascist or neo-nazi element in the coup government. However, I have seen the videos available on the Internet (and some are linked in my previous columns) of the thugs threatening government ministers in one location and assaulting a public prosecutor in another. There are also videos of the ultra-right decked out in nazi symbols and armed with weapons.

My opinion is that it is the Western media that is lying, and that Julie Hyland is telling it like it is. You can read her account here:

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