Low-Fat Indoctrination: The Younger the Better

Psychology Today has published another great article on how the government is targeting children as young as age 3 to believe in and embrace the fat-free, yolk-free, governmentized dogma on all things food: Author Pam Schoenfeld writes:

The latest issue of my professional journal arrived in the mail last week, and as usual, I skimmed the abstracts of posters scheduled for the upcoming annual dietetics conference. To my surprise, a few dozen described research on children’s diets, eight reporting outcomes from programs targeted for preschool or grade-school age groups.

One group of researchers stated that because 75% of children are in organized childcare, it is the ideal setting for promoting healthy behaviors; a second group agreed that childcare settings are a primeenvironment for early intervention. I was reminded of my own dietetic internship, where I had to sing to Head Start pupils about the merits of low-fat milk while entertaining them with a cow puppet. Nutrition and health lessons directed to preschoolers are commonly delivered in the form of games and songs, but researchers are now studying the effectiveness of other methods.