SEO Training Course Reveals New Secrets


Since the demand in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has increased by almost 10 fold in the past 12 months, so also has the demand for high quality SEO training courses.

All novices can pick up basic tactics like the use of title and meta data in their pages but the more advanced methods are rarely, if ever, made public.

Even intermediate knowledge such as keyword proximity and density can be easily researched via the internet, but what is never spoken about, at least freely on Internet forums and PDF sheets, is the real nuts and bolds of what makes a search engine like Google tick.

Armed with this elite knowledge, anyone, no matter what their technical ability, can engineer any website from zero to hero in a matter of minutes; dominating the search engines and pulling the traffic (and profits) that makes such valuable information pay for itself within days.

For example, little is known about the Google algorithms, there is much speculation from those who think they know these lucrative insider secrets, but even what Google releases to the public about algorithms such as QDF is extremely limited.

So how does someone wishing to expand their SEO knowledge discover the ‘magic ingredients’?

The Google Front Page Supremacy video master class explains in detail every single factor search engines use in their ranking algorithms.

From complete novice to the most advanced and highly trained of SEO gurus, every single nut and bolt is covered, from basic keyword research right through to Growth Profiles, Clustering and Independent Peers.

No stone is left unturned. To gain instant access to all this knowledge, and be kept bang up to date about every search engine development subscribe below for the insane price of just $27 a month.


Video courses with less information are currently retailing for £400, and do not include updates to keep you ahead of all other SEO’s. See what people are saying about this offer:

10 years of full-time internet marketing and these videos still opened my eyes to whole new worlds of traffic. Now getting 6,000 visitors per hour to a site.” – Jon MacPherson of

People shouldn’t be able to get this type of information for such a low price.”Daniel Molano of

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