Internet Marketers using Google Trends To Make Money?

A relatively recent trend for Internet marketers in the make money online game is to use Google Trends to find high traffic searches, and then provide content on their website to match in the hope of being indexed quickly enough to catch the wave.

Another tactic some are using; creating entire products based around Google Trends data – because afterall, if there’s a demand, there’s a profit.

But how sustainable is this idea as part of a long term business plan?

Well, it depends on a few things, the most important being your website. if your website has a history of ranking well for competitive keywords you could be onto a winner. However, if you’re website is new or isn’t achieving it’s full potential for low competition keywords, by the time it indexes for your target trend you might well have missed the wave.

In my experience the best way to cash-in on Google Trends data is over time, by searching for keywords and phrases in your niche – and keeping a close eye on searches that are rising, how quickly they are rising, and the average length of time they remain hot.

If you’re noticing keywords that are in constant demand over weeks and months, an alternative could be to drill down into the niche and find longtail keywords that are still have a relatively high search volume but have low competition.