Obama ‘siding with Bush over Israel’

IRAN’S supreme leader accused US President Barack Obama on Wednesday of following the same path as the Bush administration with his “unconditional” support for Israel.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said that Mr Obama had spoken of change during his campaign but supported Israel’s three-week offensive against the Gaza Strip earlier this year that killed almost 1,500 Palestinians.

At the time, Mr Obama mostly deferred to Mr Bush when asked for his position, saying that there could only be one US president.

But he supported Israel’s right to defend itself from Palestinian rocket attacks during the campaign.

And speaking in Jerusalem on Tuesday, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton underlined Washington’s “unshakeable support for Israel.”

Addressing a Gaza solidarity conference in Tehran, Mr Khamenei said: “The new US president speaks of unconditional commitment to defend Israel’s security. This means the same wrong path as the Bush administration.”

He said that Israeli leaders should be put on trial for the Gaza offensive, which ended with a shaky ceasefire in mid-January.

Iran’s judiciary has asked Interpol to issue arrest warrants for 15 Israeli officials in connection with the onslaught.

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