No Secret Pardons for Bush

From American Freedom Campaign

We may soon be seeing one of history’s greatest examples of adding insult to injury.

For eight years, we have been forced to sit by helplessly as President George W. Bush and top members of his administration eviscerated the Constitution, broke federal laws, and defied the will of Congress.

Now, President Bush is poised to give each and every one of his accomplices — from Dick Cheney to Karl Rove to Alberto Gonzales — a full pardon, ensuring that they will never receive the punishments they deserve for their activities.

Worse, Bush may issue a preemptive “blanket” pardon, covering all officials within his administration without disclosing either the names of the officials involved or the crimes for which they are being absolved.

If this kind of secretive pardon seems wrong to you, please take a moment and send an email to your representatives in Congress immediately:…

The American Freedom Campaign strongly opposes the issuance of preemptive blanket pardons for administration officials who sanctioned torture, rendition, warrantless wiretapping and more. First of all, if these individuals believe they were acting within the law, they have nothing to fear. If they broke laws, then they should suffer the consequences.

In addition, we believe the American people deserve to know which members of the administration were involved in illegal behavior. Should Bush issue a blanket pardon to all administration officials, it will set a precedent under which future presidents may direct illegal behavior for four or eight years and then give all participants in the illegal conduct secretive free passes on his (or her) way out of office.

Congress can, however, stop this most objectionable action before it occurs. The American Freedom Campaign has proposed a Pardons Disclosure Act*, which would force the president to specifically name any political appointees for whom pardons are granted along with the crime or crimes for which they are being pardoned.

To tell your representatives in Congress to support a Pardons Disclosure Act, click on the following link:…

Once you have sent your message to Congress, please forward this email widely to friends and family. In the alternative, you can use the “Tell-A-Friend” option on the AFC Web site that will appear after you have sent your message.

Thank you so much for taking action.

Steve Fox

Campaign Director

American Freedom Campaign Action Fund

* The following language could be the heart of a Pardons Disclosure Act:

“Any pardon issued by the President under Article II, section 2, clause 1, of the Constitution of the United States, if granted to the President, the Vice-President or any political appointees in the President’s own administration, shall specifically identify each individual to whom a pardon is being granted along with the crimes committed or acts taken in the course of his or her official duties for which that person is being pardoned.”