New Method to Use Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Hypnotherapist and researcher Dr. Robert Anthony is currently looking for people to test a new program that allows people to lose weight by changing their subconscious beliefs. The Zero Resistance Weight Release Program uses hypnosis techniques in a new way, aimed at busy people who want to see results quickly.

One of the keys to Dr. Anthony’s approach can be found in the word “release.” As he says,

“What you really want is to permanently RELEASE your excess weight – not LOSE it. Think about it! When you lose something, what happens? You go looking for it.”

Anyone who has studied hypnosis at all probably recalls that the subconscious mind pays close attention to the words we use. So, while the difference between “release” and “lose” may not seem important to your rational mind, it can make all the difference to the subconscious. And it is the subconscious mind, not the rational, that controls most of your behavior!

Using hypnosis for weight loss can be seen as an alternative to diets and exercise, but it would be more accurate to say that it’s an approach that releases your resistance to weight loss, which makes all of your efforts easier. So, you are likely to find that after using this program you feel less of an appetite for fattening foods and more inclined to stick to your exercise regime!

Hypnosis by itself does not cause you to lose weight, but it’s a method that addresses your basic beliefs and feelings towards yourself and the world. When these are modified, your external behavior can then change much more easily.

The fact is, most of us, most of the time, are not consciously aware of why we do the things we do! The point of a program such as Zero Resistance Weight Release, of course, is not so much to understand our beliefs and motivations but to change them. This program is designed to make these changes automatically, without any special effort -aside from listening to the program of course.

Dr. Anthony sums up the way his program works this way:

“It does three things:

1. Uses my “Advanced Core Change Hypnosis” to eliminate the CAUSE of your weight problem – FOREVER.

2. Aligns your Conscious and Subconscious mind so they work together to bring your weight back to its NATURAL state which is to be slender and healthy.

3. Turns off your FAT switch.”

According to Dr. Anthony, traditional diets and weight loss programs are doomed to fail in most cases because the rely on will power to work. Will power is the conscious mind’s attempt to control your behavior, and this generally does not work in the long run. The Zero Resistance Weight Release Program is a method that bypasses will power completely and addresses the causes of your behavior so you can change.