Neil Young on Impeaching Bush

Billboard | QUESTION: A liberal friend of mine in New York saw the Twin Towers fall while stuck in traffic on the Verrazano Bridge. She was so shook up, and remained so scared that in 2004 she voted for Bush, simply out of fright.

ANSWER: Well, he used that. He played on people’s fear, instead of people’s faith and their real faith, real belief, their real human feelings. They used fear to get where they wanted to go, which is too bad. It’s just unfortunate. You know, I empathize with her for voting for Bush and being so terrified that she had to do that. I feel sorry for her. But I think a lot of people probably did that, and it’s too bad.

And he needs to be impeached for what he did. I mean, the Senate has verified it. It needs to happen for history. It’s like a dirty business. It needs to be taken care of. Nobody wants to be bothered, but it should happen, because do we want to let this go down in history? It’s a cancer. It’s a blight. It has to be eradicated. You have to look at this and go, “The president mislead the people into going to war, lost 5,000 troops, there’s hundreds of thousands of people killed in Iraq, billions and billions of dollars were taken out of the economy for the war, and now we’ve discovered for sure — the Senate committee has said, ‘Yeah, he did. He lied.'” So what do you have to do to get impeached? What do you need to do? And who are we if we don’t do it … if we don’t actually say, “Hey — the law! You can’t do that!”

We place our trust in this guy, and this is what happens. I don’t see how it plays out. We’ve been vindicated by the Senate, who spent a long time investigating it. Yet it’s on the second page of the paper. Brian Williams talks about it and goes right on to the next story, and it’s like it’s 25 seconds. Give me a break! Why fall asleep? America’s fallen asleep. America’s sleeping through a moment in history that’s going to affect us forever. It’s gonna be, we’re the country who had our Senate investigate and found out we went to war under false pretenses and we didn’t do anything. We said, “That’s okay. We’ll just let that go because we’re distracted by oil prices and a new presidential election.” So we don’t have time to take care of our dirty business. But, man, you got to take care of your house. You can’t let that go. What if we have another guy like that, who turns out to be an idiot in 15 years, and he goes, “Well, George Bush did it.” What’s the precedent?

Dennis Kucinich introduced impeachment articles today, and people think, “Ah, he’s a kook,” you know. It’s like, when are people going to wake up? We shouldn’t have big vehicles that use so much gas, but we keep making ’em. It’s not, “Big is bad,” it’s “Gas is bad.” Why don’t we change that? There are a lot of things to do that we’re not doing that kind of bothers me.