How to Stay Slim: The Secret Revealed For Women

Recent research by the Telegraph has shown that people are more likely to stay slim for longer if they lose wait quickly at the beginning. This is a secret that many people are unaware of when carrying out their diet plan.

The research has indicated that “People who lose up to 1.5lbs a week are up to five times more likely to keep the weight off than those who manage to shed only half a pound a week, found the study”.

Countless people could be losing weight new this secret. This of course is not a secret in the diet industry since this would have an adverse effect on the sale off diet pills and dieting supplements. Nevertheless, with all research there will be disagreements.

The dieting industry is no different. One school of thought may argue that no, losing weight quickly at the beginning of a diet is not going to help one to stay slimmer longer. Rather, losing weight at an slower degree at the beginning will help one stay slimmer for longer.

Research carried out by the University of Florida sought to answer this little known secret for themselves. Is it really the case that losing at a faster rate at the beginning than at a slower rate to stay slimmer for a longer period of time?

These are some of the variables that were used in the study:
1. 262 middle-aged overweight women
2. achieve an average weight loss of 1lb a week
3. womens’ weight loss after six months
4. womens’ weight loss after eighteen months
5. three groups – fast weight-loss, moderate weight-loss and slow weight loss

Here is what the research team discovered from there results:It was found that women in the fast weight-loss group lost almost 1.5lbs per week. The moderate weight loss group were able to shed in the range of half a pound and 1.5lbs per week. Half a pound was also lost per week for the slow weight-loss group.

Adding the two groups of months into the mix, the researchers still found that quicker weight loss coincides with more weight loss over time. The women who were losing weight the quickest were able to maintain their weight loss for the longer period.

So after 18 months of weight loss diet, the women were able to reach the “clinically significant figure of 10 per cent” which demonstrates that losing weight quickly is the key to staying slimmer for longer. For more information on slimming information check out at which diet pills work to get started.