Scholar Says There’s No Freedom of Speech in the U.S.

speech.jpgSAN FRANCISCO – Sing Tao Daily | More than 3,000 Chinese Americans gathered Saturday in front of CNN’s San Francisco bureau to protest Jack Cafferty’s April 9 comments calling Chinese “basically the same bunch of goons and thugs they’ve been for the last 50 years,” reports the Sing Tao Daily.

The protest garnered heavy coverage from the Chinese-language media but “hasn’t been covered in the mainstream media,” according to Ling-chi Wang, associate professor of Asian American Studies at UC Berkeley. Wang asserted that there is no freedom of speech in the United States and that the mainstream media is racist. “From the Tibet issue to the Olympics, the English-language media is filled with criticisms of China.

I believe the media looks down on China.” Wang compared this to the 1960s, when the mainstream media hadn’t covered African Americans’ peaceful protests until they became violent, Sing Tao Daily reports.