Is it Google or China censoring Carrefour?

google.jpgBy Garett Rogers | I guess either way, the answer is ultimately China, but this latest news on Google’s censorship in China is a bit strange. Chinese people are very upset with the French due to an attack on a wheelchair bound Olympic torch carrier. The act caused many Chinese people to call for a boycott on Carrefour – a French supermarket chain.

Today, one of Philipp’s readers discovered that searching for Carrefour on brought back a very strange result – an almost blank Google page. Google may be censoring search results for this query on behalf of China, but some have even speculated that it could be the Chinese government altering the response to the search without Google being involved at all. The copyright notice on the bottom of the page says 2006, and the HTML itself looks very hacky – there is even some missing code (There is no at the end of the content).

There has been no official word from Google about what is happening.

According to “www” on the Blogoscoped forum, the censored information is not to support the boycott, but to try and derail it.

THe government tries to stop the boycotte,it orders all search engine not to show results about carrefour boycott,because Nationalists post “do not go to carrefour ” everywhere,and it makes the government worried.

What do you think?