Essentials for Effective, Natural Weight Loss

There’s just a few months left before summer hits, so if you’re looking to ensure you have the best summer body, now is the time to get started. But, for many, weight loss can be a struggle and they’ll often find themselves yo-yoing between the same 10lbs of weight loss for months on end. However, with the correct essential tips you’ll soon find that the weight simply melts off you:

Don’t Starve Yourself

Too many people think that in order to lose weight they should cut down their food to the extreme. Yet this will not only cause you to hold on to water weight, but you’ll also feel starved and give up easier. Instead calculate your daily calorie intake on a calculator such as MyFitnessPal and stick to this goal. You’ll be eating more food and losing weight at the same time!

Pick a Diet that Suits You

There are so many diets available now that will promise you the world, but it’s important that you choose one that suits your tastes. Sure, a low carb diet might be great for your friend, but if you’re addicted to bread you’ll only end up making yourself miserable. Pick something with foods that you like, or simply just keep an eye on your calories. You should also avoid fad crash diets, for as soon as you stop them you’ll put the weight back on.

Drink Lots of Water

Drinking lots of water when you’re on a diet is essential for weight loss. You should be aiming for around half your body weight in water every day. You can get this from tea, coffee and water, but try not to drink too many diet sodas or fruit juices as neither are as healthy as you might think.

One great trick is to drink ice cold water as your body will burn more calories processing this than water at room temperature.

Ignore the Scale

You’ve worked hard all week, exercised and you’re excited to step on the scale only to find you’ve not lost any weight. It’s a common scenario that has led to many a person quitting their diet. The scale can be very demotivating in a diet as our body naturally fluctuates +/- up to 4lbs over the day. Instead, try to measure yourself and take progress photographs as these will show the hard work much more than your scale will.

Treat Yourself

The worst thing about a diet is that it makes you deny yourself certain treats, but we can only last so long before our cravings set in. Yet, you can still treat yourself once a week without ruining your weight loss progress. In fact, a high calorie meal can actually shock our metabolism into speeding up once again. Whatever it is your body’s craving, give into it now and again to keep yourself on track. Whether it’s a Friday night takeaway or a huge bar of chocolate, there’s always something you can do to make a healthier choice. Dark chocolate for example has lots of proven health benefits and is a great way to satisfy your chocolate craving while still thinking about your weight loss. For takeaways, rather than a fully loaded pizza, stuffed crust and garlic bread on the side, try browsing the organic section of the menu instead. You’ll gain the satisfaction of a great tasting meal cooked by someone else but you won’t have completely fallen off the wagon and it’ll be easy to jump back on board the following day.