Elephants, Donkeys And Party X

By ZingPao |
If we truly live in a land of Freedom & Opportunity, then we should be able to vote for any political party that wants to run candidates. So why aren’t we being allowed to vote for someone other than a Democrat or Republican? The Constitution makes no mention of political parties. The simple truth is that the two major parties do not want any competition.

The Republican Party began as a new party in 1856 and only 4 years later, Abraham Lincoln was elected president in a 4 way race. Back in 1860 the two major parties of the day were the Whigs and the Democrats.

Competition yields superior products or in this case candidates. Competition would give us better elected officials and better government. One of the things that makes America great is competition. But there is very little competition on Election Day. Imagine the NFL with only two teams.

In 2004, the number of valid ballot access signatures required for a third party to have its candidates’ names listed in all 50 states has risen to millions of signatures! Approximately 25% of the voters across our country are registered as either independent or as members of a “third party.” Over the last 10 years this has been the largest growing segment of voter registrations, which illustrates that voters are tired of the same 2 choices and are hungry for more competition on Election Day.

Third parties increase voter participation and citizen involvement in government, bringing about a return to “government by the people” in a competitive environment offering multiple ideas and candidates.

Given a level playing field, third parties can play a significant role in restoring our Constitutional Republic and help reduce voter apathy, which is one of the major reasons we no longer have a government that is responsive to the people.

There are plenty of political parties to choose from; Party X, the Democratic Socialist Party, the Libertarian Party, the First American Party. The list goes on.

Please consider third parties and the next time someone needs your signature on a petition to get a third candidate on the ballot, please sign it.