City Bans Swearing

City hall bosses trying to prevent booze-fuelled Christmas bad behaviour have banned swearing on their streets – and put up signs using slang to get the message across.

Preston council’s Respect Our City campaign advertises a number of rules in an attempt to make sure revellers do not cause misery for residents and businesses over the festive period.

Signs around the Lancashire city list “Rules ‘Round Town” such as “No ‘Effin & ‘Jeffin” and “No Aggro”.

Other reminders are “No Pavement Pizza”, which shows a character being sick in the street, and “Don’t Pee Anti-Social” which depicts someone urinating in a public place.

The campaign is also designed to clamp down on swearing, spitting, litter-dropping and dog fouling.

Police can give out fixed penalty notices of up to £80 for various public order offences while council officers can impose £75 on-the-spot fines for litter offences.

Posters have been put up in shops, restaurants and takeaways in the city centre and stickers will be used on beer mats in pubs and clubs.

Later this week, 10ft banners will be displayed on the sides of buses.

Councillor Kate Calder said: “Christmas is a great time to visit Preston and enjoy festive nights out and shopping trips, but we want people to respect the city and each other when they are out and about.

“We want people to enjoy the festivities, drink safely and behave in a responsible way. The police can use a number of enforcement methods if they catch anyone behaving in an anti-social way.”

Inspector Stuart Whittle, from Lancashire Constabulary, said: “Preston has a lot to offer and we want everyone to enjoy themselves, especially as we enter the Christmas season.

“We hope that the Respect Our City campaign will encourage people to think about their behaviour and take pride in our city.”