Chatroulette Update, new chat roulette imminent?

by Stephen Smith

Many users of chatroulette are eager to see the new revamped version of the well known site chat roulette, the site has been down for the last 3-4 days, with a message saying

The experiment #1 is over now. Thanks for participating.
Renewed and updated version of the website will be launched shortly.

This is an interesting if cryptic message that many users of chat roulette have eagerly been waiting to see what’s next for chat roulette? I’m sure everyone was eager to know what the experiment was ?

Run by Andrey Ternovskiy, a 17-year-old student in Moscow, the site was originally created as a bit of fun, but turned into an internet phenomenon overnight. Even claiming to get many famous stars on there including Kelly Brook.

Though random chats like this have been around for many years, Chat roulette was the first real site to take off as getting users onto these sites to actively participate in the chats was always difficult.

The next route for chat roulette is pretty much a mystery, there were even some rumors of some recognition software to recognize people who were lets say `breaking the rules` this I think would be an amazing inclusion to chat roulette, but I think is just pie in the sky.

Many people think the inclusion of some kind of community or some way to make money out chat roulette.

Alternatives to Chat roulette

Chat roulette has spawned many new sites all parading their particular version, thought I don’t think they will ever be able to compete with the original chat roulette.

There are some interesting sites out there, with adding a chatroulette to their site also, many users have moved into this site while they await the new version of Chat roulette to appear.

According to rumors the new and improved Chat roulette will go live on Monday, but that is not yet confirmed, so keep your eyes peeled and that finger on next.

Author Bio
Stephen Smith an avid user of chat rooms.