Thursday, February 15, 2024
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More MI5 torture claims

Warning over use of CCTV in pubs

Phorm – one year on

Cyberspace wars

UK government bans photography

ID Cards Under Fire

ID cards are not voluntary

Taking liberties with information

CCTV Judges Your Behaviour

A catalogue of NHS data breaches

Britain cannot afford ID cards

NO2ID: The true cost to the UK

First ID cards issued

Fifth Columnist

9/11 Cultwatch in Dumfries

Record increase in DNA database

Spooks in the classroom

The price of free speech

Taxis Get CCTV Cameras

BAE case in the Lords


Nine held in ID card demo

Is Britain moving to the right?

Fortress Britain

How powerful is the mass media?

Police attack anti-Bush protestors

MPs voice fears over ID cards

UK Police Harrass Youths

Students Denied Legal Aid

Heckler at the Back


IPS wants ID card service pilots