What Do Lady Gaga, Nick Griffin And Mitt Romney All Have In Common?

Students at Oxford University’s debating union have got their knickers in a twist after invitations were accidentally sent out to Lady Gaga, Nick Griffin and Mitt Romney.


A statement from Oxford Union’s press officer Alex Reut-Hobbs was sent out to members of the press on Monday, clarifying the invitations were a mistake.

“Recently it came to the attention of the Oxford Union that a new member of the Union’s Secretary’s committee had arbitrarily sent out a batch of invitations to several people,” he confessed.

“Although the committee member did not at any point clear these invitations with the President or any other senior member of the Union committee, they wrote the letters in the President’s name and on behalf of the Union as a whole.”

To make matters worse, all of the invitations were withdrawn, bar Nick Griffin’s.

“We have since rescinded the invitation in no uncertain terms,” Reut-Hobbs added.

The unnamed offending Oxford Union member appears to be in hot water over the blooper and is currently facing disciplinary action.

“The Oxford Union does not wish to be associated with the BNP in any way whatsoever,” the email continued. “We strongly disagree with their views. It is unfortunate and deeply regrettable that this miscommunication has occurred.”

The union was only alerted to the mistake after an article was published by Hope Not Hate, prompting calls for the BNP leader’s invitation to be withdrawn.

Judith Flacks

Stop actively inviting BNP leaders to speak on campus! Realise your responsibility to student welfare

It’s not the first time Griffin attracted the attention of students; in 2012, student journalists from the Leeds Student put their necks on the line and published an interview with the highly controversial figure.